Bullying Prevention Poetry Contest
As part of our bullying prevention efforts, we want everyone to reflect on why bullying is a problem and, more importantly, how we can prevent it. To do that, we want all our students to compose a poem that answers those two questions. The Bullying Prevention Poetry Contest will take place from today December 10 until Thursday December 23. The rubric will be provided in students' English classes, and flyers have been posted around the building. The winners of the contest will get a Chik-fil-a lunch. Two sample poems were read by one of our student leaders--one composed by Mr. Conde and one composed by a student--that explore the idea of the problem of bullying and how to solve it. The key point in both poems is that our minds direct our actions, and our actions determine our culture. The poems attempt to empower students at CMIT to choose whether they want to perpetuate long-standing, antiquated, wrong thinking that has been the basis for so many of the problems in our past, or to change our thinking to be more positive and inclusive to positively impact our future and our school culture. Parents, please encourage students to compose a poem that is thoughtful and encouraging. Being positive and fostering healthy relationships with peers is the norm at CMIT Academy, and we would like for parents to partner with us to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment for all our students. We hope that the bullying prevention poetry competition will allow our students to reflect on why and how to behave with authentic care and positive character towards one another.

Mr. Conde Professional School Counselor Grades 9 and 10