CLF Newsletter

Blurb Submission

1. Click the button to login with school email

2. If you are not logged in, gmail will ask your credentials.

3. When you are logged into the system, you can see your draft blurbs and finalized blurbs. If you would like to start a new blurb, click on the red button that says Click here to start a New Blurb.

4.Fill in the template.

5.To upload images, you can either drag&drop your files into the box, or you can click into the box to open file select menu.
Files will be uploaded automatically. If they don't appear in the files sections, click Refresh button. Images will be detected automatically and will be displayed in the header part of your blurb and the rest will be added as attachment files.
You can delete files from the files section.

6.Click Save&Preview button to see how it will look in the newsletter.

7.You can click go back to change if you want to make any changes.
You can go back and save it to review it later.
You can submit it by clicking Submit Blurb button.