🏆 Math League Contest Winners 🏆

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Greetings, Thank you our Mathmagicians and Mathletes: Marvin Nwachukwu, Izuchukwu Nwadike, Jessica Kamara, Grace Omoregbe, Saloni Patel, Oludijo Hadassah, Heidy Garcia, Trinity Brown, Sapri Sise, Alexandra Ford, Samuel Bradley, Devin Meeks! They showed courage and attended to Math League- Algebra-1 Contest. I am so proud of you guys! Time to announce the winners of Math League - Algebra-1 Contest. Here they are: 11th Graders: 🏆1st Place: Marvin Nwachukwu 🏆1st Place: Izuchukwu Nwadike 🏅3rd Place: Jessica Kamara 9th Graders: 🏆1st Place: Grace Omoregbe 🏅2nd Place: Saloni Patel 🏅3rd Place: Oludijo Hadassah Winners awarded with a box of snack and cards! Way to Go! Best wishes,

Esra Keskin, MBA Math Teacher Math Olympiad's Coach