Mathmagicians | Math Olympiad Updates, Caribou Contest (International)

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Greetings CMIT Family, I am happy to announce international Caribou Contest results. How great they are! Caribou Contest (April 6th) Caribou Contest 11/12 Results: πŸ† πŸ₯‡ Benjamin Champion (State-wide 1st, National-wide 18th, international-wide 33%) πŸ₯ˆ Izuchukwu Nwadike (State-wide 2nd, National-wide 21st, international-wide 41%) πŸ₯‰ Marvin Nwachukwu (State-wide 3rd, National-wide 24th, international-wide 50%) πŸ† Micah Germain (State-wide 4th, National-wide 25rd, international-wide 55%) ***Micah Germain is a 9th grader and took the 11/12 grade level contest! Caribou Contest 9/10 Results:πŸ† πŸ₯‡ Leah Brooks (State-wide 1st, National-wide 16th, international-wide 33%) πŸ₯ˆBryanna Henry (State-wide 2nd, National-wide 21st, international-wide 40%) πŸ₯‰ Alexander Carpenter (State-wide 3rd, National-wide 23rd, international-wide 42%) - Samuel Adenola (State-wide 4th, National-wide 26th) - Erick Charles (State-wide 5th, National-wide 28th) - Ethan Malcolm (State-wide 6th, National-wide 31st) - Kelsi Hockaday (State-wide 7th, National-wide 32nd) Thank you so much to our Mathmagicians and volunteer CMIT Academy North students who attended the math olympiads. Please congratulate the students when you see them. Great job kiddos, you showed courage and commitment. Well done! πŸ‘ Best regards,

Esra Keskin, MBA Math Teacher Math Olympiad's Coach